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Teacher Branding: The Time Is Now

Teacher Branding: The Time Is Now

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It has been three years since I started The Educator's Room and I can honestly say this site changed my professional life. Three years ago, I was living in a constant cycle of debt, fear, and anger. I was barely making enough to support my family not to mention the costs of suporting a family was steadily increasing. I was working in a district where teachers jobs were being elmintated and new teachers (with no training) were being brought in to replace veteran teachers and I was just trying to stay afloat.

Then I went through a reduction in force that made me realize that I was the expert in education. Since starting the blog, I've met hundreds of educators just like me. So to make sure that I did my part in helping other educators, I decided to give these teachers a voice and I asked them to write for our site. As of today we've been featured in numerous publications, published (and written) our books, launched a podcast, presented at national conferences, started an educational conference and we're just getting started.

This second book on teacher branding discusses what you can do NOW to start your brand. We're not interested in waiting until the "right" time, we want teachers to take time out of their schedule TODAY.