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About Us

The Educator's Room, LLC is dedicated to improving education by recognizing that the real experts, classroom teachers, are needed at the table of educational reform.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where politicians, parents and the general public recognize that teachers are an integral part of the educational reform and their opinion is desperately needed. Therefore in this new world teachers should be empowered as the experts in education. This new world will be a place where students are actually able to learn and not be held hostage by initiatives and standardized testing.Parents and educators will be able to work hand in hand to empower real reform without politicians interfering in the learning process.

Through this site we will:

1. Publish articles on instruction curriculum, educational policy, classroom management written by actual teachers;
2. Publish books that show the human side of teaching while breaking to light important issues that all educators go through;
3. Provide educator access to products they care about;
4. Produce an annual conference developed by teachers;
5. Host regional and national events that help to empower educators on issues in education;
6. Deliver professional learning to fellow teachers that's not only on time, but relevant for what's happening in their classroom.

How We Do It

We fully understand that our educators are experts, but the problem is that the general public needs to recognize that for this change to occur all stakeholders must work together for a better educational system. We pursue our mission of empowering teachers through two primary activities:

1. Producing The Educator's Room and our related social media platforms to inspire, inform and have dialogue with thousands of educators around the world;
2. Collaborate with teachers to produce quality content via the internet and events.